Customised pfp

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Your new Profile Avatar for a simple fixed fee.

Every user journey is perfect if it imitates oneself in a tiny circle. As simply and intuitively as possible.
Created with this idea in mind it becomes a pleasure to own and use it.

Well, this is exactly what tiny.supply does.

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Main Features

Each request is carefully taken over to aim for no mess, pixel-perfect visual design and clever space use that finally turn into a gorgeous tiny circle.

exclusive design

stylised and unique to you

made by a professional

multiple files


100% satisfied

with love, by a human

What's next.

Hello, Darius here, nice to e-meet you.

Once the order is placed, I'll contact you by sending an email or DM you on X (Twitter).

Make sure to prepare your favourite picture, a side or a semi-profile camera angle is recommended.

I will schedule the day when your new wonderful avatar is ready! You’ll have to wait.

There is no magic!

How it's done.

Starts from a reference picture and ends with a unique, fun to look at, but still recognisable user’s character or persona.


line (sketch)

fill (final)

Rather trying to create a realistic representation, the result is a stylised illustration, a type of drawing that emphasises a particular minimal style.

You’ll get the proposal in a .png preview of the sketch and filled stages, in black and blue versions.
One round of revision is included, which means small adjustments can be done at your request.

This will finally be your new tiny character.

What you get.

A digital file(.zip) containing a custom avatar, a 2D graphical representation, also known as a profile picture (pfp) or userpic that can be used under non-commercial license.

The best format to use when setting up a pfp is square. This will crop perfectly for any other shapes, such as circles or corner radius rectangles.


Grid size: 90x90px

Line thickness: 1,5px

Default shape: Square

File Export:



Color palette:

Tools: Figma

Stages: Sketch + Final

Fill versions: Black + Blue


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